Understanding the implications of Brexit

Tuesday 05 July, 2016

Britain has voted to leave the European Union. Arguably, this is the biggest issue facing business in a generation. The impact of Britain’s exit and the way that it is managed will shape the UK economy and Ireland’s relationship with its largest trade market. Weber Shandwick can help you understand the political and economic implications, the form of settlement that might be undertaken, and help you shape the detail to limit the downsides and maximise any upsides.

It’s essential to gain a thorough insight into the exit process and how it might impact on Irish businesses and the markets. Not doing so risks being exposed to some profound long-term changes. We provide particular insight into the food, tourism, financial services and tech sectors.

Weber Shandwick’s experts are ideally placed to advise throughout this continually evolving situation helping you to act proactively rather than reactively. We have two offices in Ireland, six across the UK, as well as major offices in other European capitals and a Brussels team dedicated to helping clients understand the EU institutions and how they can impact on Irish businesses. We are also located in the other major trading blocs worldwide.


The exit – questions we can advise on:

  • What is the timing of the Britain’s departure from the European Union?
  • What is the future trading relationship between the UK and EU and what existing EU rules will Britain have to accept?
  • How does that new relationship support or hinder other trade talks, for example TTIP?
  • How quickly can the UK establish its own trade deals and what form will they take?
  • What pieces of EU legislation will the UK government immediately translate into UK law?
  • Which existing UK institutions will be strengthened and what new institutions will be created to oversee areas no longer under jurisdiction of the EU?
  • What are the constitutional questions resulting in leaving the EU and will it lead to the breakup of the UK?
  • Where does Britain’s departure leave the EU and will it be a trigger for further referenda and exits?


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